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Adam Teknocracy

Don't Look Now
Adam Teknocracy - 2nd Sunday
5pm - 7pm
Adam cut his musical teeth playing drums for an assortment of Australian metal, industrial, cyberpunk, garage and surf rock bands in Sydney, Australia from 1995 until 2002.

From a staple diet of Talking Heads, Pink Floyd, Brian Eno, Public Enemy, Ministry, NIN, Scorn, Front Line Assembly, Gary Numan, Slayer, Fear Factory, Sepultura - and an assortment of black, death, hardcore and grindcore metal bands - a seed was planted when he first heard The Prodigy in 1994. Eventually nu-skool breaks followed in the late 90s, then club culture and raves. By the time he was recording an EP for industrial cyberpunk band Jekyll Switch in 2001 he was hooked and trying to convert his bandmates to rave, breaks and hard dance tunes in between recording sessions!

Fast forward five years and he's living in London and hooked on techno, breaks, electro and dirty house. After meeting Aubrey King via the mysterious Techno Fluffer they relaunched Adam's Teknocracy project in 2013 with a techno focus. Their label Pie Factory Productions was launched in 2014 and has 5 releases to date.

Adam also releases music as one half of Dilettantism with DJ Boycey - creating a technoid clusterfuck of gunshot samples and kick drums. Adam is also producing tracks for his solo project F.O.L. focusing away from the dance floor toward dark breaks, broken beats, ambient and metal.

Adam maintains that he is not a DJ but can sling a mix together when supplied with high quality hard liquor. He'll be dropping a mix of fat techno, dirty sludge and blasts from his past on the Teknocracy Radio Show.