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Liquid Movement
DJ Ed G - First Sunday of the month 6-8pm
Ed got his first pair of decks over 18 years ago after attending many raves and started buying jungle music.

He cut his teeth playing at student gigs in York and Sheffield before moving on to play clubs and raves in Nottingham, Manchester, Wigan and Bolton.

His knowledge of D&B music is reflected in his mixes which switch between genres within the D&B scene to bring you the finest tunes from across the globe.

You can follow him on Soundcloud to hear his latest mixes and podcasts.

Ed is also part of the DJ and production duo known as Liquid Movement alongside Mavamatics. You can follow them on Facebook and Soundcloud.

Available for bookings - please contact:

Facebook: Graeme djedg Wiltshire
Twitter: @Djedg2010
E-mail: djedg1980(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk