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Journey Through Time & Bass #JTTB
Leftarm - Every other Thursday
8pm - 10pm
A music-loving raver & DJ, I discovered the art of mixing in 1995 at the same time as I started to go out to jungle/hardcore raves and clubs. My love of electronic music started much earlier though when I first heard the early commercial house records in the late 80s. Then when I discovered mix-tapes from Fantazia and Universe at the age of 12 (1991/92) I became completely obsessed and have been in love with dance music and all its relatives ever since.

This love of hardcore and jungle led me to start exploring the history of electronic and bass-related sound and opened up a new world for me - '60s/'70s Electronica, Disco, '80s Electro, Acid House etc. I hope to capture and share these influences in my show, at the same time as playing some quality upfront music. I don't care where or when it comes from, if it gives me goosebumps, it's getting played!

My show 'Journey Through Time & Bass' #JTTB will showcase the wide range of influences that have played a part in creating the amazing spectrum of electronic music we have today.

Imagine everything from Kraftwerk to Larry Levan; James Brown to Frankie Knuckles; Goldie to Andy C and Claude Von Stroke to Skream and you'll get some idea of the audio journey I'll be taking you on every other Thursday from 10pm...

You can listen to my mixes on Mixcloud, get in touch via Twitter or
e-mail me at chriswrighton(at)googlemail(dot)com