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Neil B

Dark and deadly
Neil B - Every other Wednesday
7pm - 9pm
I discovered dance music through my younger brother around late '91. The local radio stations were playing dance music pretty much every night and I was instantly hooked on the hardcore sounds of DJs like Yoz from the Elevation Crew.

As the music started to fragment in '92 I realised I was much more interested in the breakbeat sound that was emerging than the 4/4 sounds. Jungle nights in Newcastle such as Tribal Vibe and Booyaka were being run by Smokey Joe and BJam and going to these nights just cemented my passion for this music. After a few trips to Ibiza in the late 90's I started really enjoying House music and was a regular at Shindig in Newcastle.

I have always been a big vinyl collector but only for bedroom mixing and doing CDs for my friends, and when my kids came along I neglected the mixing for about 10 years. Luckily I kept on buying records so now that this great opportunity has come along I'm not playing catch up. Big up the ADR family!