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The Jungle Librarian
Aftershock - Tuesday
8pm - 10pm
I discovered rave music in 1991 but hearing Q Project's Champion Sound at Glastonbury in 1994 introduced me to jungle and I was hooked. I love all styles of drum & bass, as well as hardcore, techno, breaks and wonky electronic music of all kinds.

I play a wide range of stuff on my show and finish each show with an hour-long mix. I'll play anything as long as it's good - jungle classics on Moving Shadow, Bristol beats from V or Full Cycle, 90s neuro on Virus, future jungle from Astrophonica or heavier beats on labels like Ingredients or Samurai. I also do regular hardcore, techno, breaks and electonica specials. Hopefully you'll hear something you've not heard before.

I took over running After Dark Radio in February 2017.

Get in touch - e-mail DJAftershock9 (at), follow @L0fth0use on Twitter or like my Facebook page. You can listen to old shows and mix-tapes at my Mixcloud page or download them from here.

Current Top 5
  • Roll Away Clean - L Major (Diamond Life)
  • Electropia - Nucleus & Paradox (Esoteric)
  • Life Without Death - Response & Pliskin (Western Lore)
  • ASC - Lucid Dream (Over/Shadow)
  • League Of Shadows (Overlook Remix) - Loxy & Resound (Droogs)
All-time Top 5
  • Special Treat - DJ Die (V Recordings)
  • Soul In Motion - Krust (Full Cycle)
  • Re-Transitions - Deep Blue & Blame (Moving Shadow)
  • The Water Margin - Studio Pressure (Photek Recordings)
  • One & Only - PFM (Looking Good)
I do regular sessions for the Only Drum n' Bass night on and FrightNightRadio and I'm a resident at Don't Look Now in London.

This OnlyOldSkoolRadio mix showcases some of my favourite sounds.