Drum & bass and  
electronic music  
of all kinds  

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6-8pm - Nakes
8-10pm - Gambino DJ
8-10pm - Peso The Medic


8-10pm - Aftershock
8-10pm - Erts


7-9pm - Neil B
9-11pm - Matt P


7-9pm - Clear
8-10pm - Leftarm
9-11pm - DJ Scottie


5-7pm - DJ Remedee
7-9pm - That Guy Pie


6-8pm - DJ Endo
(2nd Saturday of the month)
6-8pm - Nicky M
(1st & 3rd Saturdays of the month)
8-10pm - Gavtech
10pm-Midnight - David Pierog
(3rd Saturday of the month)
10pm-Midnight - FLavRjay
(4th Saturday of the month)


8-10am - DJ Episode
3-5pm - Sarge
5-7pm - RollingLegs & Mikey Metric
(1st & 3rd Sundays)

Monthly Sunday Takeovers

1st: Free Slot
2nd: 5-7pm - Teknocracy
3rd: Free Slot
3rd: 7-9pm - Neil B's Alternative Beats
4th: Free Slot
5th: 6-8pm - After Dark DJs

Fancy joining the crew and filling a free slot? Hit us up on Facebook or Twitter and send us a mix.

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